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Mobile Trading

To accommodate different trading styles, we created a mobile trading platform, which includes all the features and benefits of our web-based platform.
Never miss an opportunity with live charts and news feed in the palm of your hand. Compatible with iOS and Android devices.


  • Socail trading platform
  • Mobile payments
  • Analysis and live signals.
  • Choice of simplified or advanced mode
  • Supports 7 languages.

Social Trading

Collective intelligence of the entire trading network, free and open for all traders.
The benefit of using crowd wisdom, even without prior financial or technical knowledge.


  • Copy trading - follow and copy successful traders' moves, strategies and techniques.
  • Updates - learn about other traders' experience and use their trading tips.
  • Market sentiment - Instant view of real market conditions and the majority's preferences.

Portfolio Management

Alternative ways to conduct and manage your investment.
Combining the art and sience of the investment.

Personal financial advisor


  • Customization - different account types to meet your personal needs.
  • Professional Risk management - guidance and effective hedging strategies.
  • Analysis directly from the leading specialists in the market.

Algorithmic portfolio management


  • Diversification - investing in numerous assets over different markets.
  • Predicted return and different returns scenarios - assets valuation and forecast calculation engine.
  • Risk assessment - risk evaluation and matching strategies.


Almost 200 underlying assets in 4 markets: stocks, commodities, currencies and indices. Possible to trade multiple assets across different markets in order to diversify the investment and reduce the risk of losses resulting from unfavorable performance of a specific asset price.

Trading Resources

Daily market review, Chart Analysis, Live Charts, Economic Calendar and Trading Strategies.

Market Review

Daily analysis of market prices and conditions, news, political and environmental factors influencing the market. Delivered by a team of leading experts in the field.
Get all the information that you need from a trusted source.

Chart Analysis

If reading charts seems daunting, then help is at hand.
Let the experts do the work of interpreting and analyzing the various charts for you.

Live Charts

Visually appealing and easy to understand with color indicators real time charts of multiple assets.

Economic Calendar

Keep a finger on the pulse with this essential financial tool. All the important economic events, microeconomic indicators and data releases to help you understand and predict market movements.

Trading Strategies

Tried and tested strategies and trading techniques designed to achieve profitable results and reduce the risk levels, with real trading examples.

Further Reading Section

Trading blog written on an ongoing basis and series of articles covering various trade-related topics. Ideas on trading stocks, commodities, indices and currencies; trading psychology, trading networks and algorithmic trading.

Innovative Trading Platform

TechOption trading platform combines global diversity,
technological sophistication and a user-friendly interface.

  • Advanced Options - custom payouts, rebate percentages

  • Pre-expiry options - Sell Back, Double Up.

  • Sentiment Indicator - market sentiment view with Call/Put ratio per asset.

  • Risk-o-Meter - adjustable payouts and controllable risk levels.

  • StrategiX - algorithm-assisted, 4 in 1 trading panel.

  • Supports 7 languages

Educational Resources

Education center featuring Trading Academy, e-Books, Interactive Videos, Online Courses and Glossary.

Online Courses

Ideal for auditory and visual learners, online courses provide a stimulating and engaging learning environment.


Designed for those who don't want to spend hours in front of computer and prefer to study on the go. Search feature allows to quickly locate any part of the text and resizable font makes reading easy in all conditions. Learn to trade from your smartphone or tablet anywhere at any time.


Handy tool that provides quick reference with a short and straightforward explanation of all the binary options terms.


Complete binary options education in 3 stages, from entry level to advanced trading strategies and concepts.


Video tutorials provide a compelling learning experience for those how favor the "watch and learn" approach. Generating great interest and enjoyment, video lessons are an easy and fun way to learn.

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